Sunday, December 29, 2013

Cold Storage

Mike and Johnathan and I went on a campout by the pond last night. The forecast said 25 degrees, but I said "You can't claim to be a real outdoorsman if you can only be outside in perfect weather."
We went out to the land behind our house, and set up near a pond. We lit a small fire, and sat around for a little while.

 It was so cold that no one wanted to stay out long, so we retired to hammocks. I have a new underquilt, but Mike and Johnathan did not, and were adamant about also sleeping in hammocks. They were a good bit colder than I, but they survived. The thin cold air made the stars impressive, shining from very, very far away.

  We slept fairly well, but the cold was bitter outside of our shelters. Any attempt to leave the warmth of the sleeping bags was punished by the painful, biting cold. Conditions were definitely less than ideal, but we stuck it out. We woke up the following morning to find that the frost had covered everything, almost as though it had lightly snowed.

 So, it was a good campout, despite that it was mostly hiding from the frozen weather. The ability to enjoy yourself in unpleasant circumstances is a good one to have, and good company makes it easier. Johnathan is a good kid, if a bit bothersome at times, and though Mike can be a bit much, there is no one i'd rather have by my side in the tough parts of life. I am very lucky to have the company in my life that I do, both friends and family.

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