Friday, April 5, 2013

Eagle's Nest Dryfly Rain Fly Review

Recently, I purchased the Dryfly rain fly from ENO. I have not been disappointed. A few days after buying it I went out in the rain to test it, and ended up taking a good nap under it in the hammock.

 Even having hung it in a somewhat poor position, it still kept me completely dry. The only water which posed a problem was that which I had on myself from walking out there.
The fly repelled the water without issue, and easily covered the whole hammock. It dried off fairly quickly as well. Coverage was the main complaint I had read before buying it, and I can't see how it was an issue. Maybe if you hang it too high, then the hammock could swing out into the rain, but then you could stake the middle two guy lines out further and have a wider footprint.
Here I hung it high on one side, so to allow good airflow. This illustrates my point that these flys are very versatile. You can hang it closer to the hammock with the stakes all close to you to be warmer and dryer, or you can hang it high on one side to block the wind from one side and reflect the fire on the other, or many other methods. All in all, I am a fan.

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