Wednesday, January 30, 2013

McDill geocache

While this isn't camping, it was still an outdoor adventure, so I figured i'd post it anyway. There is a fairly new geocache (a GPS based scavenger hunt game) on the McDill point lookout, a few miles south of Cheaha off the Pinhoti trail. The three of us (dad, Leah, [My awesome and beautiful girlfriend] and I) went out to find it. The intended way to get there would be to go down the Pinhoti. However, we decided it would be quicker to go straight up the side of the mountain. It was a pretty hard climb, nearly 1000 vertical feet, but we did eventually make it to the top. Once there, we were treated to this view:
Which is pretty epic. That is the actual McDill point lookout there. We stopped to eat upon arriving there.

After we stopped, we followed the GPS over to where the geocache actually was. Leah found it after I sorta bumbled around for a while.

After that, followed the trail a little ways and found this

Which is a crashed airplane that several of us had sought after in the past. I have heard several different stories as to what happened in this crash, but I truly have no idea.

I wrote this weeks ago when we went and did this, but for some reason it never posted. So here it is.

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