Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New gear, looking forward to camping again soon

It has been cold. Given, that is to be expected in January, but it doesn't stop it from being unpleasant. As such, we haven't done much camping recently. In fact, even as i'm posting this, we still haven't been camping since the last post. I have however gotten some ideas for camping over the winter. For instance, I got a hammock for Christmas which is designed for backpacking. It rolls up into a very small container, and is amazingly comfortable. I believe it will be rather nice in campouts in the future.

  It is quite versatile. We are planning to do some more backpacking in the near future, the stories of which I will post here. If I can, I'm gonna use the hammock and a tarp instead of a tent of some of those trips, as it is much lighter. Although some places a hammock won't work, and tents will be more practical.
I am still hoping for a roof rack in the future, but perhaps that is just a wish, as they are quite expensive.

Here you can see it's quite comfortable, and also very large. I can lay diagonally in it and be flat, or lay straight and have that gentle curve. Its very comfortable, truly I cannot even really describe how much so.
Also, you can see here the tarp over it. Eagle's Nest Outfitters also make a rain fly for hammocks, but it's expensive, and this tarp rolls up rather small for its size. I may yet get the rain fly though, as it is very light. It was raining in this picture, and neither I nor any of my gear got wet.

If you look at the top picture, you can see that the way I rig it up creates a rope above the Hammock, which is both to avoid cutting the rope and to have a place to hang the tarp. It also allows a place to hang a light.

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