Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Rise of the Phoenix part 2

The new purpose of my life originated in Memphis TN, with a little ministry called StreetReach. Working there I found Jesus and decided to fully surrender my life to him. Long story short, a friend of mine started a similar ministry here in intercity Anniston, called Renovation Ministries, in which we run backyard Bible clubs with the kids there. That has taken up the majority of my time recently. More on this later, trust me.

The idea for this blog came from a camping trip last Friday, and one a few weeks before that, where I went on camping trips based on my Jeep. Both trips were in the Talledega National Forest, an enormous stretch of forest a short distance from my home.

The first camping trip was intended to be myself, my brother in law, and my nephew going on a camping trip in his Land Cruiser and my Jeep, but things did not go according to plan. Sometime around halfway through the trip, his radiator blew. (He is the president of a Land Cruiser Club, so he goes to all of their off road meets, and so his truck has been through a lot.) So we loaded all of his camping gear, and the three of us, into my jeep. It was a little bit crowded.

  But we made it work anyway.

My brother in law, who is an excellent chef, cooked steak, mac & cheese, and potatoes on the fire.
It was a great trip, during the course of which we traveled something like 50 miles offroad.

I learned that there is more space inside a Jeep than most people think. Also, if you are camping in a rocky area, watch out for scorpions. This campsite was on a ridge which runs down the middle of the forest, and there were many rocks. This site was directly on the Pinhoti trail, a short distance off the main road. We did hear a few vehicles during the night, but not many, and they did not seem to notice us. The view was really good here, what you could see through the trees that is. There were very few signs of civilization.
All in all, it was a good trip.

Here are some more pictures:

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