Friday, October 16, 2015

Ladiga Campground with Team Chimbomba

I have been a little behind in my posting. My family,and my friends who are like family, went on a camping trip on labor day weekend. With summer having come to an end, and school beginning, we all needed a little time away.

The Chief Ladiga campground is a really nice private campground located at the crossing of the Pinhoti and Ladiga Trails and Terrepin Creek. We hiked a couple miles to the top of Oakey Mountain, located just to the south of camp.

The top of the mountain was a rocky area.

About a hundred yards later we arrived at the the shelter.

We spent some time there, then walked back down the hill. We cooked some dinner upon our return.

We didn't take as many pictures after that, as we were busy spending time together. Our group of people is truly an amazing team. I can't wait until we are all back together again.


  1. Oh and thanks for keeping a blog on here. Been following it for a couple years I guess. Local hikes I frequent and enjoy your detail and pics.